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Having walked many paths of awareness, Jacqueline is no stranger to the raw and most genuine aspects of the human spirit. A dialogue with her own body led her to complete a Masters in Five Element Acupuncture, after which, she practiced acupuncture with precision and intuition. It is with that same zeal for learning about the body, mind and and spirit, that lead her into a Corporate Coach-U certification, a Masters in Counselling and her certification as a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. 



Jacqueline specializes in working with trauma, addictions and life transitions.  She attracts clients who are ready for change, and who are willing to put in the work to make that change a reality.


Jacqueline meets her clients with vibrancy, grace, and a wide-open heart. She is honoured to walk alongside those searching for a new way of meeting the dark and light moments of life; she humbly offers a space of acceptance and safety where all stories are welcomed to be witnessed in the shape in which they come.

What Clients Say...

"I have had the pleasure of being a client of Jacqueline’s since September of 2018. I find Jacqueline to be a highly skilled therapist, counsellor and coach and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking  an insightful, compassionate professional to work with. In working with Jaqueline I have gained a much greater and deeper understanding of the root cause of some issues I had been struggling with for over 20 years. 


Jacqueline truly ‘shows up’ and has been consistently present for every session, whether in person or online, I always felt seen, heard and understood and safe. Jaqueline’s use of her intuition and wisdom to direct our sessions set her apart from other therapists I have worked with. There is always a take-away, something new and possibly profound, that stays with me and helps me continue my healing journey. I know that Jaqueline will be the last therapist I work with because I can’t imagine working through my stuff with anyone else and achieving the life changing results I have experienced. 

My daughter recently had her first session with Jacqueline. She was ‘lit up’ for hours afterwards and disclosed that she had never met anyone who she felt so comfortable and safe to share with. Although she did not discuss details of her session she did tell me that she was able to talk to Jacqueline about things that she has never discussed with anyone else. There is nothing more I could ask from a therapist for myself nor my daughter."


Monique D.

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