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Kundalini Yoga, often referred to as the yoga of awareness, supports the natural unmasking of our true

natures. Through this practice, we are invited to shed the tension from our physical, emotional and mental bodies, so that we can step into our truest expression. Kundalini Yoga has many benefits including: increased strength and flexibility, increased vitality, improved mood, stabilization and strengthening of the nervous and glandular systems, boosts metabolism and aids in digestion. The benefits of this practice span far beyond the physical body. Through steady practice we learn to take control of our minds, build our capacity to be with difficult emotions, enhance our capacity to respond instead of react, and learn how to listen to that still quiet voice within ourselves for guidance.


KRI certified teacher, Jacqueline Wener has walked many paths of awareness and is no stranger to the raw and most genuine aspects of the human spirit. However, it was when she discovered Kundalini yoga, that she awoke to a new understanding of the body-mind-heart axis and our inherent capacity to heal through movement, breath, mantra and meditation.


What Clients Say

"The first time I was introduced to Jacqueline was in October 2019. My friend invited me to discover if her class resonated with me. This was the second Kundalini class of my life and my first was only a few days prior to Jacqueline’s.

I was very new to the interesting world of Kundalini yoga to say the least. I felt at home right away when I walked into Jacqueline’s class. Jacqueline greeted me with an open heart, I did the same to her and I am forever changed for the better as a result. I began to attend Jacqueline’s classes regularly and started to feel a positive shift in my life. I was at the beginning of a significant life change when I first started attending classes and was in an unfamiliar place in my life. I was open to trying new things to help me through my challenges. I heard something new in Jacqueline’s class, something I had never heard or thought of before.

I heard Jacqueline speak on the idea of being our own inner healer. This concept rocked me. I had always looked to the outside world to solve my inner problems. Through practice, I learned to become still enough to hear my inner voice. During her classes, I was able to tap into myself and reach areas inside of myself which I didn’t know existed. So, I dove in, my walls dropped, the tears flowed and the healing began. My healing continues to this day due in part to the healing superhighway Jacqueline provides for us every week. In addition to Jacqueline’s amazing classes, she has surrounded herself with some of the most beautiful people I have ever known in my life. A part of what makes Jacqueline so great is how connected she stays with her friends and students. She is very approachable and helpful. Jacqueline’s classes are well rounded, fresh and original every time I go. I highly recommend attending her classes. Thank you Jacqueline for everything you are."


Alistair Duthie

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